Erkenwald Campus


Jun 18, 2018

 Helping students through drama

Diverse voices

We’re really excited to have educational drama group Diverse Voices working with students at Erkenwald campus this term. The group are helping our students explore and address complex and challenging issues, such as bullying and mental distress, through engaging, entertaining and non-threatening drama exercises. This allows students to learn in lively, new and surprising ways.

Jill Kitchener said: ‘The Diverse Voices team is certainly helping our students think about the different scenarios they face within the school, outside the school and at home. Students enjoy the different role play scenarios and discussions they take part in. They got everyone involved in a professional, fun but challenging way.’

Erkenwald students taking part in the drama group said:

‘I enjoyed the activities and learned new ways that people could stand up against bullies.’

‘It was fun and interesting way of learning about bullying.’

‘I loved it!  It taught me to be assertive.’

Diverse Voices working with staff and students have create a safe and kind environment in which students are able to engage in a level of self-expression that they previously thought they were not able to do.