Mayesbrook Park Campus


Oct 4, 2018

Students volunteer at primary cross country championships

cross countrySchool children from a number of local primary schools were helped out by Mayesbrook Park campus students recently at the annual primary cross country championships event.

Hannah Whitfield from Mayesbrook Park campus  PE department said: ‘It was a fantastic day and I was so proud of our students. A huge well done to everyone that took part and especially our students for being so confident and encouraging’.

The Primary Cross Country Championships were held in Mayesbrook Park and students from the campus played their part in making sure that everyone how took part in the event got around the course  safely. Two of the campus volunteer, Moses and Jane were runners for the event. They took turns to be rabbit and sweep – the rabbit is the pace maker and the sweep makes sure that everyone at the back are safe. Year 11 Mayesbrook Park campus student Shyann said: ‘ I would love to do an event like that again. I want to work with children when I am older.’