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Dec 18, 2019

Students celebrate win funding from WE charity

City hall

In November students from Mayesbrook Park School put in a bid for funding from the WE charity, an international development charity that promotes learning and active citizenship. The funding was to help fund make-up and wellbeing afternoons for the girls at Mayesbrook Park. Students were then invited to City Hall in London to give a presentation to a panel of judges to help them decide whether or not to fund the student's bid.

Said Mayesbrook Park students Margaret and Esther: 'We arrived at City Hall and I (Margaret) was a bag of nerves whilst Esther was calm and collected. Even though we thought we were stuttering and messing up the presentation, the judges seemed blown away by our pitch. They asked some interesting and some difficult questions and we managed to answer them really clearly. It felt so good to be able to express our opinions in front of a different kind of audience.  We got the funding and we hope it will help us continue to build our confidence skills both in and out of school.’