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Mar 13, 2020

Celebrating Internation Women's Day

Womens day

As part of International Women's Day students from Mayesbrook Park campus visited London Metropolitan University (Highbury & Islington) to hear inspirational talks from women who are successful in science and business.

Mayesbrook Park campus student Ellie Eve said: 'We took part in activities to help us with our confidence and mind-set. We started by talking about how we label ourselves and view ourselves. We learnt to see ourselves in a positive way and being able to thrive out of our comfort zone. We discussed how some men objectify women, how they are stereotyping women as staying at home servants, only being able to cook and bringing up children. We were inspired to believe in ourselves and pursue careers in science, business, computer science and medicine.

'At the end of the trip, we had an architectural walk around Highbury & Islington and we visited the Arsenal Stadium and local library.  I hope I will have more opportunities to visit events like this and I really would encourage other students to take part ni these events.'